'APIs' tab facelift

The 'APIs' tab got a nice facelift:


3rd party APIs

We've made the list of 3rd party APIs easily accessible for each service under the 'APIs' tab. The 3rd party apps are also visible on the trace visualization as a dedicated node (even though not instrumented).


Newest spans duration widget

We've added a new widget, trending the duration of the newest spans (occurrences) of each API.


Service map (Beta)

We're excited to introduce the Helios service map! (Still in beta).


User authentication (SSO) through identity & access management providers

Organizations that leverage identity & access management providers to authenticate their users may now do so also when enrolling users in Helios.


'Newest spans' for each API

In addition to seeing the list of recent traces, now it's possible to easily inspect the newest spans - execution of the API - for each operation.


Span navigation on trace graph

We've enhanced the span navigation on the graph by cleaning it up and moving all the navigation and details to a single pane on the right.


Trace box facelift

We've given the trace box throughout the Helios app a facelift, so now in addition to the trace header and metadata you can also easily see the trace visualization preview.


Adding context when sharing traces

When sharing a trace in Helios, users may now add additional context with a message that will be sent to the desired recipients via email.


Updates to the Helios OpenTelemetry SDK

We've released the Helios OpenTelemetry SDK with a new package name. Also, we've aligned the Node versions supported with the official versions supported by the CNCF project.