Service map GA

After some time during which our service map was made available as a beta feature, we're excited to announce that it is now generally available :raised-hands:

The service map depicts all interactions between various entities based on the actual, instrumented data during a certain time range for a specific environment. In a sense, it's the actual architecture of your application - representing what's happened when the application is used.

On the left side you can find some quick pre-defined filters allowing you to navigate your architecture and drill into what's interesting to you. From each edge on the map you can also go directly to sample traces in Helios, to see what the actual execution of the flow looks like.

Service map navigation based on distributed tracing

The service map of the Helios Sandbox 'production' environment, filtered to the active Kafka topics based on instrumented data from the past 10 days

The service map is accessible from the top of the Services column.