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Cannot create a new account

I'm having trouble creating an account through the website, the SignUp page always redirects to Book a Demo. Is it now mandatory to book a demo before creating an account or is it a bug? Thank you in advance for the response

Pytest | Not showing failing test

Hi team! I am trying this awesome app. I can see all the tests in sandbox but failed ones are marked as success. An example of a failed test: Investigate test failure in Helios > ✕ <https://app.gethelios.dev?actionTraceId=65e7668c0b06899735316157244c7264&source=pytest×tamp=1684866217525> Environment: Python3.10, pytest 7.2.2. Thank you!

Is there an API reference documentation to access Helios data?

Hi there, I am new to Helios, I was able to follow the setup for Node.JS on a test service and I am able to see different traces on the visualizer. Is there a way I can pull traces from my service programmatically? And get a JSON representation of them as a response? At large, is there a API reference documented for the underlying calls done by the SDks? For instance, is there an Open API/Swagger specification for Helios endpoints? I tried accessing GET https://collector.heliosphere.io/traces Authorization: {My_Helios_Token} but this didn't work But I am wondering if there is also an endpoint for pulling, services, environments, my account details ("/me") and so on.

API_TOKEN with Quarkus Telemetry Integration

When setting up Helios with Quarkus, you've asked to provide the following parameters: - quarkus.opentelemetry.tracer.exporter.otlp.endpoint=https://collector.heliosphere.io/traces - quarkus.opentelemetry.tracer.exporter.otlp.headers=Authorization=<API_TOKEN> Where can I get this API_TOKEN? I've tried using the it was shown on Collector description, but with no luck. Thanks in advance!


I try a free account with github login and doesn`'t provide for me the token.