AWS EKS deployment

Install the Helios Runtime SCA on your AWS EKS cluster

Helios allows you to install the Helios Runtime SCA on your AWS EKS cluster with a few simple steps.

Deploying Helios on an Amazon EKS cluster using Amazon EKS add-on

  1. Subscribe to Helios Runtime SCA on AWS Marketplace here.
  2. Install the following tools: kubectl, AWS CLI, and optionally eksctl.
  3. You have access to the Amazon EKS cluster where you want Helios to be installed.
  4. You have a Helios API token ready after signing up to Helios.

Install the add-on using AWS console or AWS CLI

Enable Runtime SCA add-on from AWS console
After you have successfully set up a subscription to Helios Runtime SCA on AWS Marketplace and followed the on-screen instructions, you will be redirected to Amazon EKS console. On the Amazon EKS console, choose your required cluster, and in the Add-ons tab, select 'Get more add-ons' to find Helios 'Runtime SCA'. You can use the search bar to find "helios" and follow the on-screen instructions to enable Helios add-on for your Amazon EKS cluster.

AWS Console

Enable Runtime SCA add-on using AWS CLI

On your workspace, run the following command to enable the Helios Operator add-on for your Amazon EKS cluster (set $CLUSTER_NAME and $AWS_REGION to your targeted EKS cluster and its region).

aws eks create-addon --addon-name helios_heliosoperator --cluster-name $CLUSTER_NAME --region $AWS_REGION

Make sure installation has completed successfully by running the following command:

aws eks describe-addon --addon-name helios_heliosoperator --cluster-name $CLUSTER_NAME --region $AWS_REGION

The response should be similar to this (make sure the status is ACTIVE):

    "addon": {
        "addonName": "helios_heliosoperator",
        "clusterName": "CLUSTER_NAME",
        "status": "ACTIVE",
        "addonVersion": "ADDON_VERSION",
        "health": {
            "issues": []
        "addonArn": "arn:aws:eks:AWS_REGION:AWS_ACCOUNT:addon/CLUSTER_NAME/helios_heliosoperator/XXX",
        "createdAt": "2024-01-24T17:56:55.615000+02:00",
        "modifiedAt": "2024-01-24T17:57:03.190000+02:00",
        "tags": {}

Add your Helios API token to your cluster

  1. Set your kubectl context to control your cluster using aws eks:
  2. aws eks update-kubeconfig --name $CLUSTER_NAME --region $AWS_REGION                    
  3. Create a secret named helios-secret under the helios-operator namespace which contains the heliosToken which will be your Helios API token and heliosEnv which will specify your deployment environment - we recommend setting it up to be your cluster name:
  4. kubectl create secret generic helios-secret \
       --from-literal=heliosToken=$HELIOS_TOKEN \
       --from-literal=heliosEnv=$CLUSTER_NAME \
       -n helios-operator
  5. Now data will be reported from you AWS EKS cluster

Disable Helios Runtime SCA add-on
To disable Helios Runtime SCA add-on, you can run the following command:

aws eks delete-addon --addon-name helios_heliosoperator --cluster-name $CLUSTER_NAME --region $AWS_REGION