⚙️ Go SDK configuration

Use the advanced options below to configure Helios Go SDK.

Mandatory parameters

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionTypeDefault value
apiToken-The Helios account token (generated by Helios automatically).String-
serviceName-Service name may contain letters, digits, hyphens and underscores only and cannot be empty. It may range between 3 to 64 characters.String-
environment-The environment where the service currently runs. When running in CI, the CI provider is used (GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipeline, CircleCI, Jenkins or Travis CI).String-

Optional parameters

Enabling or disabling the instrumentation

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionTypeDefault value
-HS_DISABLEDWhen set to true the instrumentation is disabled.Booleanfalse

Other parameters

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionTypeDefault value
samplingRatioHS_SAMPLING_RATIOHow many of the traces starting in this service should be sampled. Value should be any number between 0.0 and 1.0.String-
collectorInsecureHS_COLLECTOR_INSECUREReports data to the collector over HTTP scheme, instead of the default HTTPS (cannot be used with the default Helios collector endpoint).Boolean (in code) String (in env var)false
collectorEndpointHS_COLLECTOR_ENDPOINTAn alternative endpoint that collects the exported spans (without the URL path).StringThe official Helios collector endpoint.
collectorPathHS_COLLECTOR_PATHThe specific URL path in the alternative endpoint set above.StringThe official Helios collector path.
commitHashHS_COMMIT_HASHThe commit hash (SHA1) of the current run of the service. When running in CI, the CI provider's environment variables are used. Supported in GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipeline, CircleCI and Travis CI.String-
metadataOnlyHS_METADATA_ONLYWhen set to true, the instrumentation will only collect metadata and not collect payload data and headers data.Boolean (in code) String (in env var)false
HS_SERVICE_NAMESPACEThe standard OTel resource attribute used to associate resources with teams.String-