⚙️ Java SDK configuration

Use the advanced options below to configure Helios Java SDK.

Mandatory parameters

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionType
Helios API tokenHS_TOKEN=<apiToken here>The Helios account token (generated by Helios automatically).String
Service nameHS_SERVICE_NAME=<serviceName here>Service name may contain letters, digits, hyphens and underscores only and cannot be empty. It may range between 3 to 64 characters.String

Optional parameters

Enabling or disabling the instrumentation

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionType
Disabling the SDKOTEL_EXPERIMENTAL_SDK_ENABLEDWhen set to false, the instrumentation will be disabled. Can be used for specific environments.
Defaults to true.

Other parameters

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionType
Commit hashOTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES="service.version=<commitHash here>"The commit hash (SHA1) of the current run of the service. When running in CI, the CI provider's environment variables are used. Supported in GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipeline, CircleCI and Travis CI.

This parameter is passed through OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES environment variable which accepts comma delimited Key-value pairs.
EnvironmentHS_ENVIRONMENT=<environment here>The environment where the service currently runs. When running in CI, the CI provider is used (GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipeline, CircleCI, Jenkins or Travis CI).String
Sampling ratioHS_SAMPLING_RATIO=<sampling ratio here>How many of the traces starting in this service should be sampled. Value should be any number between 0.0 and 1.0.
Defaults to 1.0 i.e. all traces are sampled.
Number or String
Collector endpointHS_COLLECTOR_ENDPOINT=<endpoint here>Override the default endpoint for sending out collected data - if a local Otel Collector is available.String (Full URL with protocol and path)
debugHS_DEBUGEnable debug prints for troubleshooting.Boolean

To see the full range of configuration options, see Agent Configuration.