⚙️ Ruby SDK configuration

Use the advanced options below to configure Helios Ruby OpenTelemetry SDK, as arguments to the Helios::OpenTelemetry::SDK.initialize() method or as environment variables.

Mandatory parameters

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionTypeDefault value
api_tokenHS_TOKENThe Helios account token (generated by Helios automatically).String-
service_nameHS_SERVICE_NAMEService name may contain letters, digits, hyphens and underscores only and cannot be empty. It may range between 3 to 64 characters.String-

Optional parameters

Enabling or disabling the instrumentation

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionTypeDefault value
enabled-When set to True the instrumentation is enabled.BooleanFalse

Other parameters

ParameterEnvironment variableDescriptionTypeDefault value
environmentHS_ENVIRONMENTThe environment where the service runs (dev/staging/production/etc.)String-
debugHS_DEBUGEnable debug prints for troubleshooting.BooleanFalse
metadata_onlyHS_METADATA_ONLYWhen set to True, the instrumentation will only collect metadata and not collect payload data and headers data.BooleanFalse