🐞 Debugging test runs

Integrate Helios into your existing tests to gain immediate access to advanced debugging and troubleshooting capabilities.

Once existing tests are instrumented you can immediately benefit from Helios' troubleshooting capabilities.


Learn more about unlocking the power of leveraging OTel and distributed tracing also for debugging test runs in this blog post by Helios co-founder and CTO, Ran Nozik.

1-click access to (test) trace visualization from each test run

Users running tests (instrumented by Helios) can easily access trace visualization from the test run - the URL to that exact trace is printed after running the test, and with a single click can be accessed in Helios.


Trace visualization URL posted after test run

Easy access to trace visualization can be really useful especially when tests fail - it enables efficient troubleshooting and saves time identifying what the root cause is for the failure.

(Test) trace visualization

Each test run can be visualized as a (test) trace in Helios, providing a single spot with full and complete information on the test failure, execution and data carried throughout.


A failed test trace visualization in Helios

Each test run (test trace) in the CI environment shows the job name & ID and provides a direct link to the job in the CI environment. This information is also available as filters on the 'Tests' tab.


Each test in Helios is identified also by its associated job name & ID from the CI environment

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