Erlang installation instructions

Use the installation instructions below if you're installing Helios in a standard Erlang service.

Get your Erlang services auto-instrumented with Helios by following the installation instructions provided below.

Install OpenTelemetry's Erlang SDK

Start by adding the OpenTelemetry dependencies to your project:

{deps, [{opentelemetry_api, "~> 1.0"},
        {opentelemetry, "~> 1.0"}]}

Then add them to your applications:

{applications, [kernel,

Then configure the OpenTelemetry exporter to report traces to Helios:

  [{otlp_protocol, http_protobuf},
   {otlp_traces_endpoint, ""},
   {otlp_traces_headers, [{"authorization", "{{YOUR_HELIOS_TOKEN}}"}]}]}

Instrument your Erlang application

Follow the guidelines from OpenTelemetry's instructions here.


All set

After setup is complete and once the service is up and running, it will show up in the Helios application.