๐Ÿ”  Global variables

Create global variables and use them across various tests and test suites when building tests in Helios.

Creating and editing global variables

From the 'Variables' menu click 'Add variable' and set its different properties: name, initial value, local override (optional) in case you wish to tweak the value locally, and scope (organization-wide or local).


Creating a new variable that can be used in code generated in Helios

You can also edit the variable properties directly from this view. Editing the variable properties impacts all tests using this variable that will be generated from that moment on.


Editing the variable properties

Using global variables

When building tests and configuring specific validation checkpoints in Helios you can replace values with the variables previously set up by using the following syntax:

{{$ variable_name }}

Once used, the generated code includes the variable declaration with the default / local override value - as well as the variable itself in all validation checkpoints that were configured accordingly.


Generated test code includes the variable declaration and its use in validation checkpoint


Using variables when configuring validation checkpoints is reflected in the generated code and makes it ready for use without requiring further manual manipulation