∞ Identifying test runs in CI environment

Associate test runs in Helios with the relevant job name & ID in your CI environment to easily get an accurate status of the specific tests that are relevant before proceeding with the deployment.

Test runs in Helios - either existing tests instrumented with the OpenTelemetry SDK or tests generated in Helios - can be associated with the specific job name & ID used to run the test in the CI environment.

Test trace visualization

Each test run (test trace) in the CI environment shows the job name & ID and provides a direct link to the job in the CI environment.


Each test in Helios is identified also by its associated job name & ID from the CI environment

Test filter

You can easily access all the tests from the latest jobs in your CI environment through the filters on the 'Tests' page. When Helios is used in your CI environment, it makes it very easy to see the latest jobs, what tests were used, the overall results - as well as investigating specific test runs.


Access all tests from the latest jobs in your CI environment through the filters on the 'Tests' page

The jobs displayed are the most recent 20 jobs, grouped by job name.

CI platforms

Supported CI platforms

Helios supports all common cloud-hosted CI platforms - Bitbucket, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, GitLab pipelines, Jenkins, Travis, Drone and more.

Self-hosted or other CI platforms

Add the following environment variables to your CI test runs:

CI_JOB_NAME=< insert the name of the job >
CI_JOB_ID=< insert the ID of the job run >
CI_JOB_URL=< insert the URL of the job run >

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