❗️ Inspect logs with context

Instrument logs with Helios to gain complete context of the end-to-end applicative flows in which the logs occurred.

Every dev team has logs - but sometimes it's hard to get the complete picture and applicative context to understand what really happened. Instrumenting logs with the Helios OpenTelemetry SDK helps to solve this pain and make the debugging process a lot smoother and faster.

go_to_helios from each log

Users can quickly access the relevant trace for each log by following the go_to_helios link in their log viewer. The link directs users to the specific trace visualization in Helios.


Go to trace visualization in Helios from each log

Error logs in Helios

Once logs are instrumented, Helios automatically retrieves error logs and makes them available on the relevant trace. This way the error log itself has the full context of the applicative flow and can be investigated alongside the data and sequence of operations that took place.

Inspecting error logs on traces in Helios

Inspecting error logs on traces in Helios

Spans and traces containing error log information have a dedicated indication (and a tooltip).
The error log itself is also available in the span details in trace visualization.

Troubleshooting tips

I'm not seeing the Helios trace ID in my log records

Please note that only applicative flows are instrumented. Also, depending on your configured sampling rate, it might be that some flows are not instrumented. If you still do not see the Helios trace ID in your logs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.