Authenticating users with Okta

Integrate Helios with Okta to ensure secure authentication and a smooth SSO experience when accessing Helios.

Set up the Helios app in Okta

  1. In your Okta Workspace, go to the Admin page
  2. Choose Applications > Applications
  3. Click on Create App Integration
  4. For sign-in method select: OIDC - OpenID Connect
    For application type select: Web application as the Application type

  1. Name your app Helios
  2. Under Sign-in redirect URIs enter: and
  3. Click Save
  4. You will be redirected to your newly created application

Configure the Okta integration in Helios

In the Helios UI, click on Settings > Integrations and click on Okta.

Enter the following details and click Save:

  1. Client ID
  2. Client secret
  3. Your full Okta domain (* as the 'Identity provider domain'
  4. Your email domain(s) (

Authenticating users logging into Helios

Once the setup is complete, you may try to login again to Helios ( You will be routed first to the Okta login page to complete the authentication process based on your own policy.


All set

Go ahead and add users to Helios so that they can use the application securely and in compliance with your company's policy.
:bulb:Remember you need to set the users which are allowed to access Helios under the configured application page in Okta admin.



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