Using trace-based APIs from Helios in Postman

Export ready-to-use flow replay code from Helios and upload it into Postman.

Leveraging Helios built-in flow replay capabilities, it is very easy to generate the code required to re-run a certain flow, configure it, and export to a file that can be imported into Postman.

How to replay flows from Helios using Postman

  1. Identify the specific flow (trace) in Helios you wish to replay.
  2. Generate the flow replay code from the trace menu.trace-base
  3. Configure it as needed and select to use it in Postman.
  4. Once the file is exported, import it into Postman and run it.
  5. You can then access the new trace in Helios.

Video: Replaying application flows from Helios with Postman



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