Ruby installation instructions

Use the installation instructions below if you're installing Helios in a standard Ruby service.

Get your Ruby services auto-instrumented with Helios by following the installation instructions provided below.

Installing Helios in your Ruby microservice

Navigate to your project's root directory, and install the latest Helios OpenTelemetry SDK:

gem install helios-opentelemetry-sdk

Initializing Helios in the code

In your project's root file, paste the following code snippet:

require 'helios/opentelemetry/sdk'

  api_token: "<HS_TOKEN>",        # TODO: Replace value your API token.
  service_name: "<SERVICE_NAME>", # TODO: Replace value with service name.
  enable: true,                   # Defaults to false if omitted. 
  environment: "<ENV_NAME>"       # TODO: Replace value with environment name.

For more information about automatic and manual instrumentation with Ruby see the Opentelemetry documentation.


All set

After setup is complete and once the service is up and running, it will show up in the Helios application.

Troubleshooting tips

Minimum required Ruby version

OTel support requires Ruby 2.7 or later.