Senior software engineer

We are looking for exceptional engineers to join our experienced core team.

About Helios

Helios empowers developers to deliver production-ready code by reducing cloud-native development friction. By making OpenTelemetry data actionable, Helios provides a new type of developer suite for understanding, troubleshooting, and testing distributed applications. With Helios, developers get the power to deliver code faster and with more confidence.
Helios was founded in 2021 by Eli Cohen and Ran Nozik and its core team is composed of experienced industry veterans. The company is backed by industry-leading VCs and angel investors.


About the role

We are looking for exceptional engineers to join our experienced core team. We believe in e2e ownership so our engineers are doing everything - backend (Typescript, Python, Go, Java), frontend (React) and devops (AWS, Elasticsearch, Postgresql, Kafka). We are building a product for developers - so your experience can really make a difference in shaping our product. If you are passionate about technology, modern development in cloud-native environments, open source software, and are looking to build a great product that impacts engineering teams - weโ€™d love to hear from you.

Office location

Our office is located at the heart of Tel Aviv, by the Cinematheque. We appreciate the privilege we have to be nimble and to collaborate effectively by working together at the office; but we are also conscious about different needs employees have. We care deeply about our employeesโ€™ safety and make sure to comply with the most stringent COVID 19-related regulations to make sure everybody stays healthy.


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