๐Ÿ’ฅ Service metrics

Get visibility into various service metrics (such as CPU and memory consumption) that provide another layer of insight when analyzing and troubleshooting production issues.

The Helios OpenTelemetry SDK, in addition to instrumenting applicative data that enables E2E distribute traces, can also collect service metrics to complete the observability picture when troubleshooting and analyzing issues, mainkly in production.

Visibility into metrics

Coming soon.

When using your own collector

Coming soon.

Alerts on metrics

Coming soon.

Disabling metrics collection

Coming soon.


Minimum SDK support

Automatic collection of service metrics is supported for the following Helios OpenTelemetry SDKs:

  • Node.js - version 1.065 and above
  • Python - version 1.071 and above
  • Go - version 0.1.21 and above