Web JS installation instructions

Use the installation instructions below if you're installing Helios in a standard Web JS service.

Installing Helios in your JavaScript web application

Navigate to your project's root directory, and install the latest Helios OpenTelemetry Web SDK:

npm install --save helios-web-sdk

Initializing Helios in the code

Add the following code snippet at the top of your web page's header (or where you initialize your application):

const { initialize } = require('helios-web-sdk');

    apiToken: <HS_TOKEN>,        // TODO: Insert your API token',
    serviceName: <SERVICE_NAME>, // TODO: Insert service name.
    enable: true,                // Defaults to false if omitted.
    environment: <ENVIRONMENT>   // TODO: Insert environment name.


All set

After setup is complete and once the web page is loaded, it will show up in the Helios application.